Visit our Diving  Centre to rent a SEA-SPI and take a look through the bubble-free glass bottom of the motorized eco-friendly watercraft, which allows for an up close view of coral and marine life without the risk of damaging delicate corals and animals .

Due to the ever-changing underwater world, no SEA-SPI tour will be the same! So whether you head out by yourself or opt to share the experience with a friend on the SEA-SPI Twin Model, don’t miss the chance to see the colorful coral and exotic fish of the Red Sea !

~SEA-SPI is a Handicap-Friendly Activity ~


Glassbottom boat

It is the chance for everybody to enjoy the under water world of the Red Sea! Already during the drive, you are able to see the amazing wonder down under. 

The two hours journey will take you to lonely islands and breath taking reefs, whit the possibility to swim and snorkel for those who want to. It is a trip for everybody, if you don´t want to get wet feet, just stay on board and watch the fishes and corals through the glasssbottom of the boat. 

It is your chance to explore the fascination of the under water world.