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Open our blur photo editor and click on browse button. This will open dialog window where you can choose photo which you want to blur. Click on your desired photo and confirm dialog window. This will upload photo to our blur photo editor.

After uploading of photo you have two options. To Apply blur on whole image or to blur just specific part of image background for example. To apply blur on whole image just move with amount of blur range picker.

It accurately detects image backgrounds and allows you to control the effect strength. Facetune2 is arguably the most popular mobile photo-editing app out there.

Facetune makes background blurring very quick and easy to use. All you have to do is access the free Defocus feature and use the slider bar to blur certain background areas. You can even adjust the brightness of the background using the Light feature. Its main features are the Smart Focus Area Selection and the background and motion blur effects.

Blurring the background in AfterFocus is a breeze. Simply draw lines around the offending parts of your photo; the app will recognize the problem area and blur them away. You can also choose from a wide selection of professional filter effects, like the classic Bokeh or the Cross Process effect.

Snapseed is a professional photo editor featuring many pro-level features such as white balancing , curves, and perspective adjustments.

In fact, the app was given the iPad App of the Year award in by Apple. Editing photos in Snapseed is similar to post-processing files in a program like Lightroom or Photoshop.

Choose between the circular or linear blur shape, then adjust the blur strength, transition, and vignette strength to your liking. Thanks to its variety of unique effects and tools, Photoleap is a great app for highly creative photographers and editors.

Previously known as Enlight Photofox, Photoleap is a powerful photo-editing app that allows artists to creatively enhance their photos in a number of ways.

It includes special effects, filters, tonal adjustments, and more. It is also packed with a lot of fun effects like Double Exposure that lets you create stunning works of art. To blur photo backgrounds, head over to the Blur feature. By default, these will blur out your whole photo. But if you select the eraser in the bottom right corner, you will be able to erase the blur effect in specific areas, leaving the background blurry while making the subject sharp. FabFocus features a camera interface, which is automatically configured for portrait capture.

The app is equipped with face-detection technology, which allows it to distinguish between portrait foregrounds and backdrops so it can effectively blur the background. It also has a set of handy editing tools. For instance, you change the brightness and saturation of your foreground or your background, and you can also adjust the amount of blur that was added.

You can use both clicking import file and simple drag and drop method. After importing video file click add to project to start editing. Step 2. After you finished the first step video shows on the timeline. You can right-click on the video and left-click mosaics and a mosaic window will appear on the left near to display screen.

You can click add and the yellow-colored rectangle will appear. You can adjust the mosaic size and place it wherever you want. You can apply the same method multiple times.

It is possible to overview your effects on the right display screen in real-time. You do not have to adjust the mosaic length on the timeline since it will appear during the whole video. Click Ok when you finished blurring. Step 3. After you are done adding mosaics click export. In Fotor, blurring an image is very easy.

It was created thanks to advanced digital photography technology. You just need to click “Tilt-Shift” to blur your photo in just a few clicks. Fotor is an all-in-one online photo editor. You can use text, stickers, or frames to edit your blurry pictures. Add text to a blurry image to highlight your theme. Add a photo frame to your blurry image to decorate your photo and make it even more meaningful. Try Fotor now! Our Fotor platform also has a whole range of options including photo editor , photo effects , stickers and text , allowing for photo retouching , collage making and graphic design.

Experiment and try them out to achieve image perfection! Fotor provides you all range of stickers to meet your photo editing needs, including Basic Shapes, Special Icons and Fotor’s world renowned collage maker not only allows you to make some incredible collages online, but also to Fotor Photo Text offers you to adopt fonts directly from your computer and also from our various online fonts


Background blur software for pc free. 6 Best Tools That You Can Use to Blur Image Background with Ease

Blur image background app enables us to select a pic and give it a blurry look, erase the blur effect and share the blurred image through. Blur Photo Editor is a Blur camera app used to blur part of your image very simple. You can also unblur the photo quickly, select the picture and give it a.


Best Photo Background Changer Software for PC of .10 Ways to Blur Webcam Background in Windows 10/11


BeFunky is a great photo editor that can also help you to blur image online. And it allows you to set the blur intensity. The best part of it is the blur effect is completely free to use. After you blur the photo, you can also go to make some edits on it, for example, crop, rotate, add special effects, add text, etc.

But some of these are only available as premium functions. As its name implies, this software lets you professionally blur the background and add clarity to the important parts that you want to emphasize by simply adjusting the blurring effect of your photo.

With the help of it, you can also add filters and overlays to the photo. This tool allows you to blur photo background and leave focal points on the parts that you want in just a few clicks.

It has two selection options, circle and tilt-shift, which you can use to control which part of the photo you will focus on. Besidesthat, Fotor also has tons of other photo editing functions, which can help you remove imperfections and make your photos look even more amazing.

Each tool that was mentioned above really works well, but they have own different features and functionalities. And to know which one really suits you best, you need to compare the features, pros, and cons based on your own needs. Let us know if there are any other applications you use or would like to know more about. We always welcome your comments below! Best apps to blur image on mobile Desktop software to blur photo easily Apps to Blur Image Background on Mobile Phones Point Blur Android Point Blur is an app for Android that can help you blur background of a picture quickly and easily.

Pros : User-friendly interface. You have full control in order to blur your photo. Cons : The export quality is not the same. Pros : It has a magnifying box to automatically detect the parts that need to be blurred. It has advanced photo-editing features. Download Pros : Simple and easy to use interface. For instance, you can use it to work on shadows, reflections, and highlights. Verdict: Apowersoft Background Eraser boasts a well-designed interface and comes with useful tools that can help you enhance any background in several clicks.

You can either use basic colors or apply available templates to replace your background. While in Photoshop you need to use a lasso or other tool to select an object, this free background remover can select any object automatically thanks to artificial intelligence technology. You will be impressed by the high precision of the auto-selection feature. Verdict: PhotoMix is a freeware product that allows for quick background removal.

With the help of this background remover, you can delete any background and add another one in a few simple steps. There are useful menu tabs that make it easier to work on background, foreground, and composite images.

After uploading background and foreground pictures, you need to choose the Eraser or Color Eraser for the quick removal of unnecessary parts. You might find Color Eraser more convenient for effective editing.

Verdict: Teorex PhotoScissors is considered to be one of the most useful tools when it comes to extremely quick background removal. It comes with a foreground segmentation tool that makes it possible to edit photos in no time. You need just to click on an object to select it and erase the most complex background. The interface is quite simple, so it can be used even by rookie designers. Verdict: The most impressive feature provided by the Photo BG Remover is the intelligent algorithm that can accurately scan for clipping edges, pinpoint the required cut-out area, and instantly delete the background.

Moreover, it allows you to do all the adjustments manually should you want to enjoy even better background removal accuracy.

You can also use this tool for setting the image background to a solid color or any other backdrop you want. Solid color is a great choice for easily making the subject stand out and can be the perfect background for the product photos of your e-commerce website, etc.

Typically, removing hair or fur from the background is a time-consuming process that requires multiple professional-grade tools. However, with this software doing so is extremely simple as you can cut out objects like hair, fur, and so on in a matter of seconds.

Verdict: This tool has been designed by Fotor developers to offer users an opportunity to remove any background online. After selecting the areas that you want to delete, you need just to indicate which objects you need to save. All you need to do to receive a flawless background is to send your photos to FixThePhoto.

Retouchers will remove background from product, clothe or model photos without overphotoshopping. This service makes it astonishingly easy to use the available selection tools. You can indicate object borders with great precision, the rest will be done thanks to the technology that analyzes the clipping edges and makes your selection more accurate. Verdict: PicMonkey is perfect when you need to impress everyone with professionally edited pictures.

Under the Image palette tab, you will find the Background Eraser that allows converting an image into a separate layer. Then, after selecting it, you can use the Remove Background option in the Image palette menu. Besides, this free background remover app is quite fast and comes with the tools for further editing. For instance, you can paint some background areas or edit out any unnecessary detail. Verdict: Cutout. Pro is an efficient background removal tool. It is very popular among photographers and image makers who have to deal with different types of images.

Pro works in any modern browser, allowing you to cut out objects and place them on a transparent background. In addition to cutting out whole items, the program allows removing only faces with the help of the Face Cutout feature.

As a photographer, I often have to swap faces especially when editing family portraits and photos with pets, so I frequently resort to this option. All in all, the program showed amazing results when I tested the Face Cutout feature regardless of the number of faces I had to cut out. Verdict: Clipping Magic is a fantastic free tool that allows you to delete a background with little to no effort.

You need to upload any picture and the service will edit it automatically. By using the Scalpel option, you can easily cut out an object from a low-contrast part of a picture.

Thanks to the Clipping Magic tool, you can separate hair from a basic background. Users will appreciate a preview option that helps avoid unnecessary mistakes. This service is perfect for high-contrast images as you can solve any task more quickly if a background is not complex.

Verdict: If you are looking for a reliable and highly effective online background remover, make sure to check out AutoClipping. You need just to drag any picture to upload it to the service or select a folder on your PC and chose a file that you need to edit.

Once your photo has been uploaded, you will see a detailed guide to help you use the image editing options. This free background eraser tool comes with a useful sensor that automatically predicts which areas you need to erase based on the way you have used the removal options. It is helpful when you want to delete a background. However, there are no image retouching tools, so it will be impossible for you to edit an image further.

Verdict: Background Eraser is an application designed for background removal. With its help, you can cut out people from one photo and add them to another. This free background remover is quite precise and easy to use.

You can choose a picture and use all the available options to enhance it. An automatic selection tool is, probably, the most useful as it helps you mark and delete the background automatically.

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