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Call of Duty 1 Game is a first-person shooter game that was developed by Infinity Ward and published by Activision. This game was released on 29 Oct We have played many Highly compressed pc games but never ever played Call of Duty 1 game for pc with full features.

This game is full of entertainment, High-Quality graphics, a user-friendly interface, and a great sound system. There are a lot of websites that offer tons of games free but do not give complete information and direct download link. So, no need to worry about it because here you will get all these only in one click.

One of the most interesting and super famous games in which you can take different missions, weapons, soldiers, and much more. The player must complete all the aspects before entering or choosing a new mission. You can swap weapons that were found in the battle dropped by other soldiers. Before downloading and installing this wonderful game, you should check the below system requirements.

Match the below system requirements with your own systems where you want to play this game, if systems requirements meet the below scenario then you can easily play this game. A large amount of its theme and gameplay is alike to the Medal of Honor series, on the other hand Call of Duty showcases numerous viewpoints staged in the British, American, and Soviet theaters of World War II.

The game introduces a new catch on AI-controlled allies who hold up the player during missions and react to situational modify during gameplay. As a primary-person shooter, Call of Duty 1 Game for PC places the player in be in charge of of an infantry soldier who makes use of a variety of authentic World War II firearms in combat. The player can save and fill at any time; somewhat than the checkpoint system utilizes in later on Call of Duty games.

In Call of Duty 1 PC Game, the player has two prime weapon slots, a handgun slot and be able to carry up to ten grenades. Weapons may be exchange with those establish on the battlefield dropped by lifeless soldiers.

Nothing like later Call of Duty games, the first agree to the player to fastening between dissimilar firing modes. Call of Duty was one of the near the beginning first-person shooters to feature iron prospect in game play; by pressing the consequent key the player aims downward the actual sights on the gun for improved accuracy.

Additionally to weapons approved by the player, mounted machine guns and other fixed weapon emplacements are convenient by the player. Subaat is a moderator and games poster on the ThePcGames portal.

If you want a game posted contact him and he will post it ASAP. It will get extracted. Thanks admin! This worked. Although at one point while installing it showed not compatible with 64 bit but it installed. Hi boss I have downloaded the game it worked perfectly until before launching Joseph Stalin mission and shows that some problem persists there. HI, I am using 64 bit windows 7 64 bit pc but it is showing incompatibility with 64 bit version of windows pl help.

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In Softonic we scan all the files hosted on our platform to assess and avoid any potential harm for your device. This game is full of entertainment, High-Quality graphics, a user-friendly interface, and a great sound system. Have to complete the given mission. Call of Duty has established a new canon of computer spectacle of war. Its world premiere took place on October 29, year in Poland — December 5 of the same year. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.


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Get help. Password recovery. Its world premiere took place on October 29, year in Poland — December 5 of the same year. This is the first part of a series of computer games Call of Duty. The player takes it in turn control over the download call of duty 1 pc free full version American, British and Soviet troops who are fighting against the German. Driven by the player characters are involved in the activities of the front line, as well as raids behind enemy lines. The emphasis in the game is to work with computer-controlled allied soldiers, and to avoid enemy fire by seeking cover.

Player are placed on different tasks, ranging from destroying enemy buildings, by the release of enemy prisoners, and ending with the establishment and maintenance of hostile sectors. In addition to the extensive single-player campaign has also been made available to the multiplayer mode, which split into two teams of players participated in a number of different variants of the game.

The game Call of Duty was produced by the creators of Medal of Honor: Allied Download call of duty 1 pc free full versionalso embedded in the realities of World War II, which shows strong similarities to previous production [13]. After the release she received mostly favorable assessment of the reviewers who praised the audiovisual setting, the intensity of the game and the monumental download call of duty 1 pc free full version of the battles, and criticized the simplistic gameplay.

Call of Duty has established a new canon of computer spectacle of war. At the same time by using innovative technical procedures, including simulated stun, appeared in an unprecedented way the horror of war [14]. In was released add-on to her, titled Call of Duty: United Offensivewhich перейти the storylines for the conflict and introduced a vastly improved multiplayer mode.

A special version of the game, released under the name Call of Duty: Classicreleased on platforms Xbox and PlayStation 3 in the electronic distribution 2nd December [7].

The success of Call of Duty has created a number of follow-up, among other things, Call of Duty 2 platform dedicated to the seventh generationand Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare embedded in modern times. During the single-player campaign includes control of three characters from a first person perspective.

The first is an American serial Joey Martin, who takes part in the landings in Normandy and the operations of British officers rebound from a POW camp.

Another hero of the game is the British Sergeant Jack Evans, performing operations behind enemy lines under the branches of British commandos. In the story play an important role NPCs. Captain Price voice — Michael Gough [15] is a British campaign manager Evans, commanding tempestuous attacks on German positions and installations.

In the Soviet campaign, an important role is played sharpshooter Borodin, whereby Voronin manages to узнать больше the onslaught of the Volga River; Major Zubov, who commands a division of infantry Voronin and Sergeant Yakov Pavlov voice — Michael Bell [15]the only historical character in the game. He presides over the home defense Pavlov.

Its purpose is to contact Sergeant Heath. It turns out, however, that this has been download call of duty 1 pc free full version. Sergeant Martin takes the bag containing the radio transmitter. After cleaning crew of a German bunker mounted relay, causing the discharge of paratroopers near the village.

American Paratroopers attacking Sainte-Mere-Eglise [18] [19]. Entering the ruins of the village, a branch of the US under the command of Captain Foley, fighting the Germans destroyed three vehicles and anti-aircraft takes a village [20] [21]. Then search the northern side of the village in search of enemy mortars, but the search is interrupted another counterattack. Martin destroyed two German tanks, then the Americans through the breach in the wall reach the heavily guarded positions mortars [23] [24].

After the liquidation of the crew department Martin gets along with Microsoft word 2013 book free download Moody and serial Elder to the captured French vehicle to inform staff about the capture of the village field. Moody drives a car by the way the N13 guarded by German soldiers, while Martin and Elder firing from behind the lead vehicle.

American soldiers, however, download call of duty 1 pc free full version into the trap of the Germans — the car is destroyed. Americans get into the German trenches. Moody detonates the first two runs, while Martin steals the German documents.

During the action, wounded several US soldiers, but hiding in the trenches paramedic refuses to help them out of fear for their lives [27] [28].

Sergeant Moody carries the wounded, but he is hit and gives Martin explosives that detonates two more runs.

Eliminating the fire, the Americans reach download call of duty 1 pc free full version nearby villa planted by the Germans and searching her encounter basement. Captain Foley detonates gate leading to it, and the Americans liberate Price. American paratroopers arrive at the camp, which eliminates fire Martin. They attack the heavily guarded camp and find Ingram, then run away from dulagu before the arrival of Nazi meals.

Call of Duty is Made on World War 2. Call of Duty is Similar to Medal of Honor. Download Link. Click Here to Download. Call of Duty 2. Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare.

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