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Digidesign 002 rack logic pro x free


Indeed, those who read Mark Wherry’s Nuendo 2 review in the September issue of SOS will have got a sense for how difficult it is for Steinberg to break Digidesign’s dominance, despite the very impressive functionality of Nuendo as a music production system.

In recent years, Digidesign have done their best to bring the essence of the Pro Tools environment to the project and home studio market — and one aim of the strategy has presumably been to get users started with a basic Pro Tools setup with the hope that they will upgrade to one of the more sophisticated Digidesign systems. Therefore, over the last few years, users have seen Pro Tools Free a cut-down software-only introduction for no cost! More recently, Digidesign have added the Digi Enter, stage left, the latest addition to the Digidesign product line: the Digi Rack.

As the name suggests, it is housed in a very sturdy 2U rack case, making it easily portable. The recommended specifications for both Mac and PC are listed in the ‘Hardware Requirements’ box, but potential purchasers would also be advised to visit the Digidesign web site, as this contains further information on computer systems that have been tested with the Rack and are therefore known to be compatible.

In fact, as described below, I used two PC systems, a P4 desktop and a relatively new Dell laptop — the latter obviously of interest if the Rack is to be used as part of a mobile Pro Tools system. Pro Tools software is based around two main windows: this is the Edit window.

Summary specifications of the Rack are provided in the ‘ Numbers Game ‘ box. However, if you compare the photographs of the Digi from the December review with those of the Rack here, the parentage of the Rack hardware is easy to see.

With the exception of a slight repositioning of the power supply, the rear-panel connectivity of the Rack would appear to be identical to that of the Digi , in terms of both specification and layout. To the right are inputs , on both XLRs and quarter-inch balanced jacks. The upper left of the rear panel features all the analogue outputs: the Monitor Output pair, eight analogue outputs and an Alt Mon RCA pair for sending the main output to a cassette deck, for example.

As the supplied Pro Tools LE does not support surround sound mixing which is a great shame , perhaps the most obvious application of the multiple outputs is as sends for integrating external hardware processors into a session.

The Getting Started manual is perhaps a little vague about the best sequence of daisy-chaining the Rack with other Firewire devices for data pass-through — but the hint is that any Firewire drive used for audio ought to be connected directly to the host computer, so presumably the Rack might have to be at the end of a chain on computers with only one Firewire port. The layout of the controls on the front panel of the Rack is very similar to those found along the top strip of the Digi To the left, this features four large Gain knobs used for inputs The right-hand side is dominated by output level controls for the main outputs and a headphone output — the only jack socket on the front panel.

Usefully, there are also Mute and Mono switches for the outputs. The Mono switch is an excellent touch, given how important mono compatibility still is in audio for broadcast.

A summary of the hardware specifications of the Digi Rack make for good reading:. Simon Price reviewed version 6 of Pro Tools in both its full and LE incarnations in the SOS May issue, so there is little point in revisiting that ground in too much detail here.

Usefully, version 6 now allows up to audio tracks to be opened in an LE session, using a voicing system for selecting which 32 tracks are actually audible. Other key features that appeared with v6 include some of the Digibase functions, providing improved project management facilities, and Groove Quantise for MIDI.

As Simon mentioned in his review, Rewire support was promised and, for music production, is perhaps the most significant addition to v6. While LE retains all the elegance of the Pro Tools user interface it does, of course, have some limitations when compared to a top-of-the-range Pro Tools system. Aside from reduced audio track counts, one obvious limitation is the lack of surround sound support.

Given that the likes of Logic and Cubase SX both now include good software support for surround sound mixing, I do wonder how much longer Digidesign will be able to leave this out of LE. It would certainly make the multiple outputs of both the Digi and Rack desirable to a wider group of potential users. While LE installed and ran first time, it was soon pretty clear that something was not as it should be.

I received a regular supply of errors with both the supplied demo Sessions and new Sessions created from scratch. This card is a couple of years old it was one of the early IEEE PCI add-on cards available and it is certainly not on the fairly limited ‘approved’ list given on Digidesign’s web site.

I tried moving the card to a different PCI slot but this did not seem to improve matters. Fortunately, I happened to have available a relatively new, Firewire-equipped Dell laptop. This specific model the Inspiron , while not as well-specified as my desktop PC in terms of pure hardware grunt, did happen to be a model that Digidesign had tested and approved for use with the Rack.

Repeating the install process with the Dell gave instant and trouble-free operation. Even the busiest of the demo Sessions containing some 20 audio tracks, a few MIDI tracks and a dozen or so plug-ins played back without the machine breaking into a sweat. Unfortunately, I was not able to get hold of an alternative PCI Firewire card for the desktop PC, to confirm if this was the actual source of the problem.

Clearly the review unit itself was in perfect working order — but given how careful Digidesign are in publishing lists of ‘approved’ computer hardware for use with their systems and they are to be commended for doing so , it would perhaps be advisable for anyone whose hardware includes different components to try and arrange a suitable demo.

I did all further testing on the laptop. Potential purchasers of the Rack will probably be most interested in four key areas of performance. In looking at the first of these issues, I can only reinforce the views of Derek Johnson and Debbie Poyser when they looked at the Digi in December Within this area of the market, I cannot see why anyone would have serious complaints about the audio quality of the Rack.

While I’m not a regular Pro Tools user, whenever I have used either Free, LE or the full version, I’ve always been impressed by the elegance of the interface. In one sense, the lack of clutter in terms of MIDI functionality contributes to this feeling. With almost all editing and mixing jobs being done in either the Edit or Mix windows, the workflow never seems to get obstructed. This is useful if, for example, a particular pair is being used as a send to an external effects processor.

Routing audio into or out of a particular Pro Tools track is most easily achieved via the Input and Output buttons above the Pan control in each channel of the Mixer window. My only qualifier to that would be that the PC plug-in bundle supplied with the review unit was not as extensive as that described by Derek and Debbie for the more expensive Digi I was able to test the new Rewire functionality using Propellerhead’s Reason v2.

Essentially, Pro Tools now includes a Rewire plug-in that can be inserted into a suitable audio track. Pro Tools automatically detects any Rewire-compatible application on the host system, and displays it by name within the plug-in list. Selecting this automatically opens the application, and this worked first time with Reason. Throughout, the system stayed very responsive and the connectivity between LE and Reason seemed very solid.

In testing with Cubase SX version 1. Despite considerable experimentation, I couldn’t improve on this. In contrast, running Reason as a stand-alone application was absolutely fine — I was able to use the lowest sample buffer size, and real-time playing of devices in Reason was very responsive.

To be fair to Digidesign, this limitation is very clearly stated in the documentation but it is a shame — perhaps a future driver update could solve this? A more comprehensive list of compatible computer hardware is provided on the Digidesign web site.

However, the following list summarises the recommended systems for using the Digi Rack. Given my experiences during testing, right now I’d perhaps be cautious about the Rack as a generic, multi-channel ASIO-based audio interface. If this was the primary reason for purchase, I would certainly want to arrange a test of the Rack with my own computer hardware.

This qualification might also apply if you are using hardware components that are not currently on Digidesign’s ‘approved’ list — test before flexing your plastic. However, the Digi Rack is primarily designed to be used with Pro Tools LE and should really be judged in this context. The addition of Rewire support in Pro Tools is also a major plus for computer-based music production and ought to attract the interest of new potential purchasers.

Numbers Game A summary of the hardware specifications of the Digi Rack make for good reading: Firewire connectivity. Eight analogue inputs and eight analogue outputs, all balanced. Inputs have mic preamps with 48V phantom power, switchable in pairs.

A-D and D-A: bit at Input dynamic range: dB A-weighted on inputs ; dB A-weighted on inputs Hardware Requirements A more comprehensive list of compatible computer hardware is provided on the Digidesign web site.

Mac OS Suitable Firewire interface. RAID not supported. Other Windows operating systems are not supported. All the connectivity of the Digi at half the price. Rewire support now included in Pro Tools. Cons LE still features a limit of 32 audio tracks. No surround mixing support in LE, despite plenty of audio outputs. Some work still needed on the ASIO driver? Previous article Next article. Login You may login with either your assigned username or your e-mail address.

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Jun 10,  · Digidesign Digi Rack Mac That Falls. The digi is a native track softwarehardware system forwindows and mac that falls right in the middle of digidesign sdaw lineup. I just upgraded my pc and i want to use digidesigns asio driver for my rack if possible. Pro tools is not easy to understand right away, it will take some time. Jul 21,  · Hola folks! Considering to buy a digidesign digi for my demo home recording setup since they are really cheap but still ok.. HOWEVER since they are. Digi Rack; FireWire Cable (12′) Digidesign Software Compatibility. Pro Tools LE for Mac OS X (Panther) A free compatibility update for Mac OS X is now available for Pro Tools LE users with Pro Tools LE or higher software: in the Support > Tech Support > Technical Document Library and included with new Digi Rack.


[Digidesign 002 rack logic pro x free

The Professional Music Workflow with Mac OS X Cliff Truesdell Envelope Editor, 93 Diamond bundle, Waves, Digi , Digi Rack, DigiDesign. Logic Pro X – iMac Ghtz -Fusion Drive 16 Gig Ram / Digi – Mackie 32/8/2 I’m sure my brother and I are some of the last trying to use a Rack. I wanted to use a Digi rack as my interface, but Logic does not offer it as a choice when I go to audio preferences > devices > core audio.

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