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Step 2. Remove USB, external hard drive, headset and microphone including the charger cable. If your computer is a laptop, you still need to remove the battery. Step 4. Put back the charger cable and battery , restart your computer and see if the problem is solved. Note: If you installed the external graphic card, you need to remove it before restarting computer. Step 1. Step 3. In the Create new task window, type Explorer. Then, click OK. Open task manager in the black screen window.

In the Create new task window, type services. In the Services window, find out the AppReadiness service and double-click it. Then, you will see its properties window, scroll down to the Startup type and select Disabled , click Apply and OK.

It will turn off your computer. Corrupted user profile can be a cause for this issue. To fix it, you can create a new user account within command prompt. To do so, you could try the following steps. In the Create new task window, type cmd and tick Create this task with administrator privileges.

Go to the old account’s folder and copy files to the new account. Usually, when your computer starts, it will start a bunch of services, drivers, and applications in the background, if they works properly, your computer will start normally. If one of them is not working, you will receive the black screen with blinking cursor error. In this case, you can choose to perform a clean boot in safe mode, with a minimal set of drivers and startup programs, so as to avoids software conflicts.

The steps are:. Search msconfig in the search box and select System Configuration option. Click the Services tab. Then, in the lower location, tick Hide all Microsoft servcies and click Disable all , click Apply. Click the Startup tab and then the Open Task Manager option. In the Task Manager window, click the Startup tab.

Then, select each app and click Disable. If you can start your computer normally after a clean boot, you still need to check the problem was caused by which items.

To make it, follow the steps below. In the lower location, tick Hide all Microsoft services and select one of the services , click Apply and OK. If the selected service is not the casuse of the problem, repeat the steps until you find the problematic item.

Recently quality update can be a cause for windows black screen with cursor after login error, because it may rollout bugs and compatibility issues. In order to uninstall it, you can do with the following steps in safe mode. Fast startup is a feature in some installations with specific hardware configuration, and it allows a device to boot faster. Go to “Control Panel” from search results and choose “Small icons” under the “View by” sorting command. Step 3.

Now, look for “Power Options” and click on it. Now, under the “Power Options” window, on the right-hand panel, you will see a “choose what power buttons do” option, click on it.

Step 4. On the new window, under “Define power buttons…. Step 5. You will be now able to access “Shutdown settings” below on the same window.

Under the “Shutdown setting” look for “Turn on Fast Startup recommended ” option. You will see the Fast Startup enabled, uncheck the option to disable Fast Startup. Step 6. Once you have unchecked the “Turn on Fast Startup” option, click on the “Save” button at the bottom of the window. After completing the process, shut-down your Windows PC and try to restart it again in normal mode. Graphics Card in your Windows PC is the one component that deals with most of the screen related tasks.

Slightest of the problem in your Graphic card can cause various errors in your display, including the issue of the black screen without a cursor. Thus, updating, disabling, or reinstalling of the Graphic card might help you. Go to the search — panel on Task Bar and search for “Device Manager”. Click on Device Manager from the results to access the Device Manager window. On the Device Managers window, look for the “Display Adapters” option. Now, left-click on the Graphic card you want to take actions on, and choose from the options Update, Disable, or Uninstall, as per your requirement.

BIOS in your Windows 10 system is one of the most important software. It is a Basic Input and Output System and is used by your computer’s microprocessor. It helps the processor in getting your Windows ready. It also helps with input from your input devices and output to your output devices. It plays a role in all kinds of data flow inside your system, to your system, and from your system.

Sometimes a problem in the BIOS software can result in the error that causes Windows 10 black screen with or without a cursor. Sometimes updating BIOS software can also repair the issue of the black screen with cursor on Windows. If you want to update your BIOS, you can visit the website of your Motherboard manufacturer and follow the instructions to download and update the latest version of BIOS on your system.

But, as BIOS is extremely critical software for your Windows system, and is extremely complicated to deal with, we recommend you to consult a professional to update your BIOS and fix the problem of the black screen with cursor on your PC.

If the black screen with cursor issue on your PC is a result of a bug in your Windows, then resetting your Windows PC is the most basic yet most useful thing you can do. Though the Reset your PC tool allows you to keep your personal files, we recommend taking a secure backup to avoid data loss. Step 1. Once you are in the Safe Mode, from your Desktop, go to the “Start” menu.

If you are using a desktop PC simply shut down windows forcefully, Disconnect all devices, including keyboard, mouse, power cable, VGA cable etc. You can use a third-party utility, such as PassFab Computer Management, to quickly fix the black screen problem on a windows 10 PC.

This is one of the best solutions to easily fix and repair all internal and external computer errors. Take a look at the steps you need to take to fix the issue with this tool. Download and launch PassFab computer management from another accessible PC. PassFab Computer Management allows you to fix the screen going black with the cursor left on the screen with just a few straightforward steps. Also, the applications of this tool are not restricted to fixing this issue only.

With this tool, you get a wide range of features and applications that can help you fix various internal and external system errors. You can get your computer to boot in Safe Mode in a number of ways, but in this case, you can do the following:. Start your PC At the sign-in screen, hold the Shift key down, click the Power button on the bottom-right, and select Restart.

Skip the first screen, and click on repair computer to get the Advanced startup menu. From here click on Troubleshoot. Click the Restart button. Once your computer is in Safe Mode, you can try the following troubleshooting steps to fix the Black screen problem on your Windows 10 PC. As discussed before the most common reason behind this buggy graphics driver update, which you might have received through the Windows 10 update.

We recommend reinstalling the Display driver by following the steps below. In the next login, Windows 10 should automatically reinstall the video adapter driver and hopefully, the black screen will disappear. Some other users report on the Microsoft forum, Disabling the fast startup feature helps them to fix the Black screen problem.



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Step 4. Restart the system and you should be able to login without any issues. Option 1. Tip: If you choose to remove everything, you had better back up your important files in advance, read this post – How to Back up Data without Booting Windows? Was this reply helpful? Cancel Submit.

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