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The NC State brand is based on clear, straightforward messaging. Use these downloadable assets as you craft your communications, and be sure to check back often as this toolkit will continue to evolve with new assets and examples. Read through the entire brand site to make sure you understand rules, guidelines and how everything works together before using these assets to create university-related promotions.

These assets are only to be used for official university communications. Do not use them to promote private businesses or for individual purposes. If you have any questions or problems as you use these assets, contact University Communications at ncstatebrand ncsu. NC State logotype files are font-independent. The prescribed Univers fonts do not need to be loaded on your system, and no license is needed. The EPS files have been created as line-art vector files and are the only logos that should ever be used for print because vector files will print cleanly at any size.

For easy access to the correct colors, import the following palettes into your Adobe Creative Suite programs. To use the files, open the Swatches palette in your program and click on the top right menu. Use our set of on-brand icons to add visual interest and illustrate important facts and figures within your web and print content.

Icons can be changed to any color in NC State’s color palette. Either place a white icon on a field of color, or convert an icon’s color for use on a white background. Only use one color per icon. Icons should not be altered or combined.

For print projects, use the EPS files to ensure that icons print clearly at any size. SVG files are for web purposes. To make it easier to stay on brand, use the NC State flavor of Bootstrap for Web styles, including fonts, colors and more. The following are font-family names for Univers and Glypha typefaces.

You do not need to include this code as well. Web fonts are only available on ncsu. This element must appear at the top of all official NC State sites. No content or padding of any kind may appear above this bar. The utility bar is available in various color combinations black, gray and red consistent with official university colors, but it may not be edited or altered in any way beyond the options presented when embedding.

The utility bar should only be used if the NC State logo is prominently displayed in the upper portion of your site or if the brick option detailed below is used. For certain entities operating under unique circumstances, the utility bar might not be required. Exceptions will be handled on a case-by-case basis. The search box within the utility bar can search both your own site and the entire ncsu.

Search results from the campus directory will also be added at a later date. To search your own site you must create a search engine through Google Custom Search. To hide ads on your custom search engine, follow the steps outlined in this OIT article. You will then need to insert your engine’s key in the googleCustomSearchCode variable. If this variable isn’t set, the utility bar will only perform a global ncsu. To better accommodate custom searches, you can specify the search box’s placeholder text using the placeholder variable.

The utility bar is responsive. The maxWidth variable should be set to your site’s maximum breakpoint to enable a fluid container width. If no maxWidth is set, the bar will align its contents to the default Bootstrap container sizes and breakpoints. The color of the utility bar can be changed by setting the color variable. Current color options include gray , red and black. The brick option may be used in lieu of prominent display of the NC State logo in the upper portion of the site.

Keep in mind that the brick will hang an additional 30px further than the bottom of the utility bar and should be reasonable accommodated by the site’s design.

Two options are available for implementation of the utility bar: installation via WordPress plugin or manual inclusion of the following script code:. The WordPress plugin is available for download here. Log into the WordPress Dashboard, and navigate to the “Plugins” tab. Select “Add New” to upload the downloaded zip file and activate as normal. To provide additional flexibility when meeting accessibility requirements, you can use the code below to specify the injection point of the utility bar.

This is helpful when creating “Skip to Main Content” links. The utility bar should be the first visible element on your page. Sites that were developed under the old brand guidelines may continue using the old branding bar. Two tiers are available. The Free Tier is geared towards smaller groups with more basic communications needs.

The Premium Tier includes additional functionality that facilitates higher-level marketing communication. The NC State Web Platform comes with a wealth of additional resources such as a thorough documentation guide and monthly workshops that are available to all users. For more information, consult our breakdown of features within the Free and Premium Tiers or our page layout schematic. If you are interested in using the Premium Tier, please contact University Communications and Marketing for more information and next steps.

Websites University Communications and Marketing would like to partner with you to create an on-brand website that will help you achieve your goals. We provide a full suite of web services to bring you and your team through every step of the process — from ideation and strategy to design, content and custom coding.

To start a conversation about your new website, contact us. University Communications maintains free and premium tiers of the Email Generator service. The free tier offers two email layouts, and the premium tier offers four additional templates. Log in to the Email Generator to begin using the free tier. To learn more about premium tier features and pricing, contact Luis Chacon lrchacon ncsu. The only appropriate font family for email templates is Arial.

Be mindful of how frequently you send emails to your audiences. Excessive contact will cause fatigue, leading recipients to ignore your messages. Here are some best practices. Visit social. Use these templates for your presentations.

Keep in mind that the only font you should use for your content is Arial. You can use these templates to create an event or program announcement slide for Billboard , the central system for displaying digital signs across campus. The expanded palette colors are also available in swatches within the template, but do not use these against Wolfpack Red.

Adjust the elements to best fit your content, write short copy that can be read quickly at a distance and then save the finished slide as a JPG or PNG of x pixels.

The brand guidelines for typography , voice and tone , and imagery apply to all billboards. If you do not have a license for the Univers font family, the only substitute is Arial. These images of campus can be downloaded at a variety of resolutions as desktop or laptop wallpaper. You can include a logo image as part of your university email signature. When used this way, the logo should appear at the bottom of the email signature, below all the other elements of the signature.

You can also include approved social media icons that link to the university’s social media channels. When used this way, the icons should appear at the bottom of the email signature, below all the other elements, including the NC State brick. Don’t resize the icons, and keep them on a single line together, without any other text or graphics on that line.

To include the icons as part of your email signature, follow a similar process as the one outlined above, inserting each icon in turn as explained in step 4. Next, click on an icon to select it, and then click the Link button.

Don’t include the icons in your signature without linking them in this way. Once you have added the icons to your signature and clicked “Save Changes,” send a test email to ensure the links are working correctly. You can use these assets — which include opening logos, closing logos, preview B-roll and key titles — to create compelling NC State videos. To request access to B-roll without watermarks, email ncstatebrand ncsu.

Before completing any video project that uses NC State footage or marks, you must request a compliance evaluation from ncstatebrand ncsu. The turnaround for evaluation is five working days. These Microsoft Word letterhead templates are only for digital communications.

After you create your body copy, export them as PDFs. The only font you should use both to populate your information and for the content of your letter is Arial. You can purchase other stationery items, such as business cards, letterhead and envelopes, through Marketplace.

You can create research posters in two sizes using these PowerPoint templates. To create a custom size, first remove the header by selecting and cutting it, and then resize the slide. Once resized, paste the header back into the slide.

Access the photo database to create official marketing materials. These photos are copyright-protected and should not be used for personal purposes. Find out more information about on-brand imagery.


How to Change Font in Adobe Acrobat Step-by-Step


Adobe Acrobat comes with a number of dynamic PDF stamps. You can select them by going to the Comment pane on the right side, then click on the Stamp tool to bring up the list of stamps. What if we need a dynamic stamp that is not in the list? First, we need to find out where these stamps are located. The good news here is that Acrobat can actually tell us by using one line of JavaScript. To get the location of the application level stamps, we would use the following JavaScript command adobe acrobat pro dc bold text free the JavaScript console:.

When we look in these directories, we would find sub-directories one or more, depending on the type of Acrobat installation for different languages. For English, we would use the ENU directory. In this directory are all the stamp files that Acrobat comes with. The one we are interested in is the file Dynamic. When we open this in Acrobat, we can see that there is one page per stamp. To duplicate e. Once you have a second copy of this stamp in your document, make sure that you work with the copy and not the original stamp.

When we go to the page that contains our copy of the Received stamp, we can modify it. To match the color and the font, select the adobw typed text and change the font to Arial, Arial Unicode MS or Helvetica, click on the Bold and Italics button, set the font size to 20 and adjust the color by clicking on the black box to the right of the font size.

Now you can delete this character by using the Delete key or fn-Delete on a Mac. At this point, the new stamp image is correct. Activating the Page Templates tool will display the Page Templates dialog. Before you do wcrobat, make sure that our new stamp is frwe the active page in Acrobat. Acknowledge that you want to convert your active page to a template, and close the dialog. At this point you can save the updated stamp file. Depending on which operating system you are textt, saving back to the original file will just work, or you will have to save to a temporary location e.

The new stamp is now ready to be used, all you need to do is restart Acrobat so that it re-reads the xc files. Question: I have a signature stamp wherein I need to add an accounting code each time I use it. On a previous version of Acrobat I have Pro XII could place the dv where I wanted it on the page and then add a text box on top of the stamp. Is there a way to modify my signature stamp so that I adobe acrobat pro dc bold text free add that accounting code, similar to the Dynamic stamps you reference above?

Loretta, yes you can do that. This would however not be modifying an existing stamp, but creating a new stamp that has both an image and a form field. Hi Karl, your article about stamps is very good. I have a question adobe acrobat pro dc bold text free the storage of the customized stamps. Have you checked both folders? I was able to copy an existing stamp, but when I use it, it is just a copy of the same date and time of when I copied. How do I adjust the script.

I posted this question on programmers stack exchange. I would be very grateful if axobe could take a look. Adpbe will explain how to create a dynamic stamp from scratch. The adobe acrobat pro dc bold text free thing you still need would be code to show a dialog that can boldd the user 5 pc game download fantasy final both Name and Date information in one dialog.

I suggest that you review the documentation for app. Is bolc correct? Lro, yes, that is correct. The user can remove the stamp completely and start over, but the information on the stamp cannot be changed. Thank you for tutorial. I was able to create a prepared dynamic stamp. I have coworkers who could use this stamp as well and have a quick question.

Instead of them trying to follow the above steps and save some time can I email them the dynamic windows 10 recovery prompt free download file with all the stamps in it including my new stamp, have them save the file to the correct folder, and overwrite their original dynamic file? Dcc, yes, you can just send them your stamp file. There is nothing unique actobat this file on your system, you can share it, and it will work on every computer you install it on.

Is there a way to edit the opacity of all the Dynamic stamps http://replace.me/18397.txt once rather than individually as you use them on a document?

Karl, Thanks for the super quick reply. David, yes, you can do that, but you will have to acrobah the limitations of Reader in mind when you develop the custom stamp.

Where that is depends on the version of Reader and your operating system. Is there a way to change the color a Dynamic Stamp? I found out how to change the color of the pop up, adobe acrobat pro dc bold text free I want the actual Received stamp to be a different узнать больше. We have multiple users and I want mine to be different http://replace.me/24229.txt the rest.

I have a custom stamp in Adobe pro that I created that I need to add to a each page of a large document. Is there a way proo add it to all the pages at bopd versus stamping each page individually. Karl, I have a document with mulitple sheets, is there a way of putting the stamp on the first sheet and having it adone coming up on each sheet after or does the stamp have to be placed on адрес страницы for each sheet?

I have adobe acrobat pro dc bold text free a stamp. Thank acrobst. Is there a way I can adobe acrobat pro dc bold text free them the same?

I have Acrobat X Pro. Others here have acrboat Creator and their box sizes are the same as the stamp. Also, the fill color disappears on the copied or edited stamp. Why would that happen? Is it possible that you have something in that border area which may just be one pixel? Existing code is:.

Your solution did the trick indeed! I appreciate the help! Otherwise, stamps and other markup comments or annotations fgee not print.

DocNo; this. There is nothing you can bpld in the stamp script to get around this. I added it to the Dynamic section adobe acrobat pro dc bold text free my Adobe Acrobat X. What am I doing wrong here? Wayne, you need to add form ppro and JavaScript to a static PDF file in order to convert it to a dynamic stamp. There are tutorials out texf that describe how to do that. Stacy, unfortunately, things like this are really hard to diagnose from a distance.

Weekly, I create one doc with all my invoices, and as I pay them, I stamp them Paid. To fix it, I copied the calculated contents of the Adobe-provided dynamic stamps and replaced the Calculation part — вас adobe flash player professional cs6 free download free download смекалке with the new calculation, if there are pages dx stamped, the date will not advance.

I also tried flattening all comments, saving and re-opening — still, the same earlier date. What can I do to make this stamp use the current date every time I stamp? Thank you for any txt If that does not fix your problem, let me know and I will dig a bit deeper. Thanks so much for your help! I truly appreciate it. I tried using the console to get the name, and get this for every stamp I gext it with.

AP TypeError: this. I guess this is just beyond my capabilities to read online and reproduce actions…. Thank you! I want to fre a stamp on right bottom corner, adobe acrobat pro dc bold text free it does it most cases, but some times the stamp is rotated by 90 degree.

My code is:. Jan, you have to take the rotation information of the page into account and then place your stamp based on that.

I have followed all of these steps and set up new dynamic stamps adobe acrobat pro dc bold text free look like I want them to look, but once I place them I want them to be un movable and permanent. This can be done e. On a side note, is there a way to expand the stamp avobe to include points of data?

That would be visible only after clicking on the stamp as a pop up window in the document? It just frse increases or decreases in size. This is driving me crazy. I am currently using Adobe X Pro at work. I recently adobe acrobat pro dc bold text free married and therefore changed my name but on the Dynamic stamps, it is still showing my old last name.


Adobe acrobat pro dc bold text free


Last Updated: September 6, Tested. This article was written by Travis Boylls. Travis has experience writing technology-related articles, providing software customer service, and in graphic design. He studied graphic design at Pikes Peak Trxt College. The wikiHow Tech Team also followed the article’s instructions and verified that they work. This article has been viewed 17, times. This wikiHow teaches you frwe to activate adobw.

Creative Cloud products can texy activated within the individual app, or through the Creative Cloud desktop app. Creative Suite users need to enter an activation key, or by signing in with their Adobe ID.

Log in Social login does not work in incognito adobe acrobat pro dc bold text free private browsers. Please log in with your username or email to continue.

No account yet? Create an account. Popular Categories. Arts and Entertainment Artwork Books Movies. Relationships Dating Love Relationship Issues. Hobbies and Crafts Crafts Drawing Games. All Categories. Edit this Article. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. By using our zdobe, you agree to our bolc policy. Cookie Settings. Learn why people trust wikiHow. Download Article Explore this Article methods. Ask a Question. Related Articles. Method 1. Make sure your computer is connected to the internet.

Adobe products are activated online. In order to activate an Adobe product, you need an internet connection and an Adobe ID. Click to launch a Creative Cloud App. Adobe apps have color coded icons for each app with two letters inside a square. Click the app to launch the app. On Windows, apps can be found in the Windows Start menu. On Mac, open the Finder, click Applications in the sidebar to the left, and click the app.

Узнать больше here to download an Adobe Product. Click Download Trial below a product.

There is a 7-day free trial before you are required to purchase a product. Check your Adobe ID and click Sign in. Boold Sign In button is the blue button texh the lower-right corner. Check to make sure that the Adobe ID displayed in bold is the correct. Click the “Sign In” button. If adobe acrobat pro dc bold text free is a valid subscription for the application attached to your Adobe account, the product will be automatically activated. If you do not have a subscription to the Adobe product, click new subscription within the message text.

This opens a website in your default web browser that allows you arcobat purchase a subscription plan. Click License this product. It’s in the lower-right corner of the Adobe launch window. You need an Adobe ID with a valid subscription to привожу ссылку product in order to activate it.

If you still have access to a free acrlbat, click Continue Trial to continue to use the product with your trial. Method 2. Open the Adobe Creative Cloud app. The Creative Cloud has a red icon that resembles a C, and a backwards C inside of a cloud. Click here to download the Creative Cloud desktop app, or any other Adobe product. The Creative Cloud is the first option at the top of the page. Click Download below the Creative Cloud icon to start tezt download. Click Tect Inif asked to do so.

Bod you sign adobw using folder lock windows 10 download Adobe desktop app.

Adobe products you have a subscription to rc automatically activated. If you are signed in with the incorrect Adobe ID, click your profile picture in the upper-right corner. Then click Adobe acrobat pro dc bold text free Out and confirm.

Type the email and password associated with your Adobe ID and click Axrobat In and agree to the перейти на страницу agreement. Click Install next to a product. Apps that are not installed on your computer have a blue button that says “Install” adobe acrobat pro dc bold text free to them. Allow a few minutes for the app to download and install. Click Launch. Apps that are already installed on your computer have a white button that says “Launch” next to them.

This launches the app. Click Launch after the update is finished downloading and installing. Click Try next to a adobe acrobat pro dc bold text free to begin a free 7-day trial of that product. Click Buy Now if you do not have a subscription to the product you wish to launch. Method 3. Click to launch an Adobe CS 6 app. Click Sign In Now. It’s the blue button in the lower-right corner of the Ttext launch window. Sign in with your Adobe ID.

Use the email address and password associated with your Adobe ID to sign in. Adobe acrobat pro dc bold text free product is activated automatically when you sign in with your Adobe ID. Method 4. Адрес страницы to launch an Adobe CS 5 app.

Select “Provide a serial number”. It’s the radial button next to the first option in the Activation window. If you have a free trial available, select “Continue to use as a free trial”. Type your product serial number. The serial number is a 24 digit code with both letters and numbers. Type it in 6 boxes in segments of 4 under “Provide a serial number”. If the serial number is valid, a green check mark appears at the end of the serial number.

If you do not have a serial number, click Buy Now to get a serial number. Click Continue. It’s the button in the lower-right corner of the activation screen. This activates the product and launches it. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered.

You Might Also Like How to. How to. About Xc Article. Written by:. Нажмите для продолжения 2. Updated: September 6, Categories: Adobe Software. Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 17, times.


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