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Adobe After Effects is an animation and video editing software. This article will learn how to use green screen in footage to give a custom background by removing it in after effects. We will also see the use of a plugin to do the same. Start Your Free Design Course.

Let us first familiarize ourselves with the interface before starting to get a better understanding. At the top is the menu bar like File, Edit, etc.

Next, adobe after effects cc green screen free below it, we have a tool panel and their properties. On the left side, a project panel consists of the project files and an effects control panel, which shows the effects applied on a particular layer.

Then there is the composition panel which shows the preview of the animation or video. At the top right, we have various layout presets, which will arrange according to the type of work. We can even create our own custom layout. At the right, there are various sections used to edit the video. Finally, at the bottom, there are layers and a timeline panel used to add media and add animation keyframes.

Select and drag it adobe after effects cc green screen free the footage. This will give us all three different effects simultaneously. We can see that near the Screen Colour property in the Keylight effect, there is a color picker, so use it to pick the green color. Press Ctrl to sample a greater area which also increases the size of the color picker.

When we zoom in, we can still see green on the fringes. So, we have to adjust the parameters of the keylight effect. First, we will set the view to Screen Matte. This will clearly show the areas which are hidden in black and visible in white. Inside the Screen Matte dropdown, Clip Black and Clip White can adjust those in such a way that the dark part is completely black, which removes the grey area, and the white part is completely white, which also removes the grey area.

Change the view читать to the Intermediate result. In the Key Cleaner effect, we can reduce the Additional Edge radius to 5. Then check to Reduce Chatter, making sure that there is no visual noise on the edges or the subject. Since we are посмотреть больше a lot of green fringes due to color spills, let us turn on the Advanced Spill Suppressor, and it will remove it.

This effect will automatically detect whether you are using a green screen adobe after effects cc green screen free a blue screen. If this effect gives you some undesirable results, you can change the method to Ultra, giving you some additional settings to select the key color and another color adjustment.

Now let us add a background for importing an image and adding it in the layers panel at the bottom. Then we will create a new Adjustment layer by right-clicking on the layers panel and then adding a Color Correction effect, Lumetri Color. Next, we do some Basic color corrections like adjusting the white нужная classic skype download windows 10 думаю to set the time of the day and also adjusting the temperature and tint.

Finally, we have adjusted the tone by changing exposure, contrast, highlight, shadows, whites, and blacks to make the subject immerse in the environment. We have looked at the in-built method in after effects; next, we will use a plugin from RG VFX, which will help us with keying and for this, we will create a new project and import our footage and create a comp with it. In the defined key посетить страницу источник, first, we have to select our sample style.

The first is the point sample style, and another is the rectangle sample style. Point style is similar to the Keylight effect in which we use an eyedropper, but you can also drag the pixel to create a trail and get a better sample area.

In Rectangle style, we drag a box and sample multiple pixels. Let us use the rectangle style while the select the background tool is selected. Then use a clean foreground tool to remove the grey from the whites. You can alternate between sample styles. Another option is to check the core matte, which will fill the entire area inside the subject with white.

Now we will see some green fringes, so to remove them, enable spill killer. Also, smooth the edges using shrink matte and matte blur. We can use Deartifact mode to reduce blocking around the edges of the image, and compression algorithms generally cause this. Set it to DV or compressed based on the type of shot footage. Adobe after effects cc green screen free this article, we have learned not only how to use the default keylight effect in After Effects but also seen how to use the RG VFx plugin and used Primatte Keyer 6 effect to achieve the same result with much more functionality and greater flexibility to work with green screen.

This is a guide to After Effects Green Screen. You may also have a look at the following articles to learn more —. By signing up, http://replace.me/23651.txt agree to adobe after effects cc green screen free Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Forgot Password? This website or its third-party tools use cookies, which are necessary to its functioning and required to achieve the purposes illustrated in the cookie policy. By closing this banner, scrolling this page, clicking a link or continuing to browse otherwise, you adobe after effects cc green screen free to our Privacy Policy.

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After Effects Green Screen | Different Steps to After Effects Green Screen


Shooting green efects footage is an easy process that allows you to make promotional videos more interactive and visually appealing. Before you can add special effects, frer and titles, the green screen should be properly removed. Adobe After Effects has the proper tools to easily remove the green screen and clean up any noise. There are two built-in tools that can be used to avter the green screen for your project and present a professional looking video. Click on adobe after effects cc green screen free “Keying” and “Keylight.

Select the http://replace.me/11863.txt dropper” icon next to the Screen Color option. Click on a section of the green screen sffects the middle of your video. Click on “View” and select “Status. These screeb will appear white and gray around the object. Increase the Screen Grain until the outer edges of gray and adobe after effects cc green screen free disappear and you see just the shape of the object. Click on the Effect Controls tab in the top left of the software.

Scroll down until you find the Color Key Effect. Click on the eyedropper tool next to the Color option. Click on the green screen in the Ggeen Window. Most of the green will disappear.

Move the Color Tolerance slider and adjust to remove similar shades of green or darker areas that were cast from shadows and lighting. Adjust the Edge Feather option so that the objects in front of the scgeen screen will blend into the background without rough or glowing edges. Play a preview of the video to более microsoft office download free 2010 windows 10 free download отличный that the green screen does not appear throughout the complete timeline.

Adjust the Edge Feather and Color Adobe after effects cc green screen free as needed. Alan Donahue started writing professionally in He is an expert on wrestling, movies and television. He currently attends Academy of Art University. By Alan Donahue. Keylight Plug-In 1.

Click http://replace.me/1290.txt on the green screen video footage to make it active in Жмите сюда After Effects. Color Key Effect 1. Click on the video layer to activate it. Go to “Effect,” “Keying” and select “Color Key. References Adobe: Color Key Effect. Related Articles.


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