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Doug does not work for Microsoft. Neither do I. I am sorry you are disappointed. There are books available. Microsoft itself has tutorials online.

Word Bible: Herb Tyson: Amazon. There is not that much new in recent versions for the ordinary user. For corporate users there is a bunch of geegaws. Yes it is a cop out, but not by Doug. MS copped out on producing documentation for all Office applications long ago. What you are looking for was known as a “User Guide”. If it is not the last one, it is one of the last versions. Since MS abdicated it’s responsibility to document it’s programs it has depended on external experts to write the user guides.

Go to any large bookstore and you’ll see a dozen or more titles for Word alone. From relatively short “idiot” level books like the “For Dummies Spend some time browsing in a book store and pick one or two.

Designed to help you practice and prepare for the Word Microsoft Office Specialist MOS exam, this all-in-one study guide features: Full, objective-by-objective exam coverage; Easy-to-follow procedures and illustrations to review essential skills; Hands-on practice tasks to apply what you’ve learned; files included; Online pre-test to assess your readiness. Use the in-depth exam prep, practice, and review to help advance your proficiency with Microsoft Office – and earn the credential that proves it!

There are a couple of simple realities to consider when buying “User Guides” for Office programs. First, programs like Word, Excel and PowerPoint are incredibly complex. Years ago I saw articles documenting that these programs have each have over commands! The combinations and permutations and nuances of these commands simply incredible. Frankly, MS does not have the imagination to get the most out of their own programs.

When you read what people have been able to do, the subtleties they have created you’ll be amazed. Second, change in these programs is very slow “evolutionary” rather than “revolutionary”. Some new commands are “bolted on” with each release, and sometimes a few old ones are retired. Even the switch from the superior menu to the “ribbon” was simply a case of “putting lipstick on the pig”.

They changed the “shell” that accessed the underlying commands, but This means that if you get a good, detailed book for or even or earlier! Then you just have to look up online articles detailing “what’s new” in each subsequent release. With that info you can lookup detailed online articles about any of the new features that interest you.

I’ve been using Word since 91 and every week I still learn something new about it. The online learning portion is especially significant for the version of Office MS finally got serious about releasing new features to starting with There are several quite significant new features as well as many rather trivial, or specialized, ones that are so new that they are ONLY documented online.

These following “roadmaps” are as close to what you are looking for that MS still provides. But they touch on only a tiny portion of the application’s functionality. I hope but I’m not holding my breath that over time MS will expand these documents to cover all functionality Each step in the roadmap is a clickable link to a web page. The Office roadmap takes you through the process of buying a subscription key, installing and managing It also includes leaning steps for some of the extra apps bundled with Skype, OneDrive, Both the consumer and business versions.

These “quick starts” are as good a place as any learning about the applications. They are similar to the roadmaps:. Here are links to a random selection books about Word and Office. I have not read them, so I cannot recommend any one in particular. But the links will give you an idea of what is out there. Sorry, they are not for the most recent version. Featuring a full-color printed book and an online interactive eLearning course, this multimedia kit takes you through the basics of the Word interface and explains how to navigate it, how to get comfortable with the terminology, and how to use its many features.

Follow the material sequentially or jump in and out as you wish – it’s set up so you can learn at your own pace. Throughout, you will benefit from illustrations, animations, voiceover explanations, and the option of closed captioning if you find you learn better when you can read the instructions.

Word Bible If you want to use Microsoft Word to create more than just simple documents, start with this ultimate Word guide. Packed with the in-depth content that is the hallmark of all Wiley Bibles, this book covers it all. You’ll first find out what’s new in Word on the features level – formatting, styles, tables, and more – before you dive into the big stuff that can help you become more efficient.

From document design to creating master documents to applying security to collaborating in the Cloud, you’ll learn not just how to do tasks, but the best ways to do them, and why. Word For Dummies Bestselling and quintessential For Dummies author Dan Gookin employs his usual fun and friendly candor while walking you through the spectrum of new features of Word Completely in tune with the needs of the beginning Word user, Gookin shows you how to use Word quickly and efficiently so that you can spend more time working on your projects and less time trying to figure out how to make Word perform the tasks you need it to do.

This newest edition of Word For Dummies explains how to navigate the user interface and take advantages of file formats, and skips the unnecessary. Office The Missing Manual Whether you’re new to Microsoft Office or have used it for years, this clear and friendly primer helps you be productive with Word, Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and the rest of the Office apps from day one. Learn what’s new in Office and get a complete, step-by-step guide to each of its main programs, along with details on Publisher, OneNote, and Office Web Apps.

With this Missing Manual on hand, you’ll be creating professional-quality documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and databases in no time. Microsoft Word Step by Step Experience learning made easy – and quickly teach yourself how to format, publish, and share your content using Word With Step by Step, you set the pace – building and practicing the skills you need, just when you them!

Follow the book’s easy steps and screenshots and clear, concise language to learn the simplest ways to create and share documents. Learn Word in just around one hour: Concepts based.

Easy to understand. These printable guides contain useful tips, shortcuts, and screenshots to help you quickly find your way around. Details required : characters remaining Cancel Submit 7 people found this reply helpful. I am of the same opinion, especially when I am dealing withholder and different versions of MS Word and do not know where sometimes changes are coming from and there is no any explanation and help for this.

Sorry to say, disappointment it is. MS does not have a clear set of online documentation that covers all of the features of ANY of their current applications. They do have a lot of disjointed introductory material and some more advanced stuff also. And that is massively short of being comprehensive. Some time not too long after that, I think one or two major releases at most they stopped doing paper documentation that shipped with the installation disks.

Here are some online resources for learning Word. When you search for FREE learning materials, don’t be shy about getting materials for older versions. Change is additive, cumulative. New features added, very little removed. You can even go back to menu versions. The basic functionality and concepts documented in the menu based versions still applies in the current ribbonized versions.

All MS did was paste the Ribbon on top of the old menu commands and functions. If you are considering a general overview book for Word, don’t look at anything less than a thousand pages long if you want at thorough list of features. Here are some learning links and download I’ve collected. They are presented in no specific order.

Unfortunately it is a paid resource:. Discover all the ways that you can use Microsoft Word proficiently and confidently. Our WordTips e-books focus on different ways you can improve your skills and enhance your knowledge.

Enhancing Word Documents with Dynamic Fields Add a field to your document and you add dynamic content. Word provides a wide variety of fields that can be used in a number of ways. Uncover the many ways you can use Word’s field codes to make your documents better.

Here is your expert guide on how to finally master creating macros. Microsoft Word’s Amazing Autos Word provides several tools that can aid in developing your documents.

This e-book focuses on a few of those tools. How much do you really know about this ubiquitous tool, however? Discover everything you need to know in order to use Word’s Find and Replace capabilities in surprising ways.

Word Graphics One effective way to enhance your documents is with Word’s powerful graphics capabilities. While viewing any guide, you can save a copy of it to your computer, zoom in to get a closer look at a screenshot, or search for feature names or keywords to quickly find something in the text. You can leave comments here on this blog post or at the bottom of each of the Quick Start Guide download pages.

Microsoft Office is changing with the times. That is why we are reimagining Office, adding new apps to respond to new opportunities, and making Office a universal, interactive canvas for creators of all kinds. At Microsoft, we believe that the cloud will power the work of the future. Overwhelmingly, our customers are choosing the cloud to empower their people—from frontline workers on the shop floor, to on-the-go sales teams, to remote employees connecting from home.



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If you have trouble viewing these PDFs, install the free Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. Word Quick Start Guide (Windows). Word. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Microsoft Word Introduction Quick Reference Guide – Windows Version (Cheat Sheet of Instructions. The Computer Lab Introduction to MS Word hands-on course is taught in three Mention how the Quick Reference Guide contains notes on.


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