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Yes, hotel transfers are provided as a courtesy and are free of charge, please contact us to give you all the information about transfer time

The diving season is year-round with visibility averaging 30m. Water temperatures range from 22°C in the winter months to 29°C in summer. From May to September, the air temperature ranges between 38°C and 45°C, and from October through to April between 23°C and 29°C. From December to February, the nights can be quite cold, but in the summer the nights are warm. July and August are the hottest months. In winter, there can often be a breeze.
Divers can use LYCRA, DARLEX or POLARTEC suits during late spring, summer and early autumn. During winter, a 5mm two-piece suit is best and for the evenings, a light sweater or jacket is recommended.

Actual water temperatures at Dive Pro Academy  locations (last updated: 30-01-2013)

  • Hurghada: 22°C
  • Sahl Hasheesh : 22°C

Between 8.30am and 8.45am depending on checking in new guests and organizing permissions.

These vary within the dive centers but are usually between 4pm and 5pm. This depends upon the diving activities of the day. It also depends on how many people need to check out. Please check with the dive center or your dive guide

Currently CDWS have not specified a maximum number of guests to guides on each boat but we operate on a 6 to one with fewer guests as necessary depending on level of diver’s experience.

Depends on the license but max is 10-20 divers.

Mask, snorkel, regulators are standard. Boots xxs – xxl, BCD xs – xl, shortie wetsuits xs – xxl, Full wetsuits xs – xxxl, fins (open heeled used with boots and full foot) xs – xl. We have a small stock of BCDs and shortie wetsuits for children.

English, French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, German, Scandinavian, Arabic, Polish and others. As long as we know about the course in advance we can arrange the materials for you

Some courses start on certain days but can be arranged on a daily basis. Please enquire.

We wait until we have a minimum of usually 8 people. We have boards in the dive centre where people can sign up to each trip and specify the dates they can make the trips.

  • Yes, we do free try dives in the pool every Monday 12pm or we can make it specially for you in order. If you want to experience a little bit of what an Open Water Course is like we do a Discover Scuba Diving experience, which gives a little taster as to what to expect

All local sites are suitable, depending on weather conditions.

10 years old to become a certified diver, but don’t worry if you’re not – our PADI Bubblemaker program will set you on your way from ages 8 upwards.

No but you must be able to swim 200m using any stroke and be able to tread water for 10 minutes.

Yes we have rental U/W digital Cam. 250 LE

10 min from the dive center

We have small tanks of 6 liters & 10 liters

Dive Pro Academy offer  Nitrox Diving for an extra charge of 4 Euro per dive. Nitrox tanks are only available for certified Nitrox divers. Nitrox Courses are offered in all our Diving center

15 Liter tanks are for an extra charge of 3 Euro per dive.

There are approx 1238 species of marine life – fish, flora, fauna which inhabit the Red Sea. The most popular are clown fish, moray, turtle, napoleon and parrot fish. Each Dive Centre page gives you a sample of some of the marine life you can see from their particular area.

Yes. The rule with swimming and snorkelling on boats is, if the person is not a diver they must wait until a diving staff member is back on the boat from a dive before entering the water. If the diving partner chooses not to make one of his/her dives they are allowed to be the supervising person. This is because, according to the CDWS, the diving member is viewed to have had their swimming ability assessed.

On the diving boats it is 4yrs. Under 4yrs it is at the dive centre’s discretion. Children must be supervised on the boat. For example if both parents are divers one must be present at all times, unless they bring a nanny or have a friend to supervise whilst they are diving. They cannot expect the crew of the boat or the diving staff to supervise.

Yes and it is important to check the depth. Some are for 18m only and others are for your certification level. If you want to dive deeper, eg you are on a tech course, it is important to check properly. We can provide this in resort for a small charge.

You will find a copy of the standard  Medical Form   on our website. If you are doing a course, and can answer ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then you should see a doctor before arriving and bring with you a signed Medical Declaration that you are fit to dive from them.

PADI recommend 12 hours before flying after 1 dive, 18 hours if you have done multiple dives over multiple days. Here at Dive Pro Academy, we require you to have 24 hours clear before flying.

If you are not PADI diver Please make every effort to get a replacement before you travel as it’s often difficult to confirm your status from Egypt. If you are a PADI diver then don’t worry, in an emergency we can check the PADI computer database online.

Yes, providing you prove you’re a diver. We may require you to do a check dive or scuba review first depending on your level, how many dives you think you have and when your last dive was.

Yes we have both system available.

Either securely on the boat or in a secure equipment room.

Depends what level you are, how many dives you’ve got and when you last dived. If you are novice with not very many dives and not dived for a year we would strongly recommend a scuba review which is a one day refresher (bit of pool, bit of theory and a dive from the beach) if you are somewhat more experienced, maybe you are PADI advanced or rescue with 50-60 dives, you haven’t dived for maybe 18 months we may suggest a check dive, which is part of the daily diving activity but you just refresh 4 basic skills. Takes about ten minutes, that’s all.

The normal diving day is 2 dives and the boats are usually tanked up for an optional 3rd dive paid locally. You can also do night dives in our house reef

towel, bathing costumes, sun cream, log book, certification card, passport, diving equipment if owned.

Our guides will guide to 30m on recreational dives or to the limit of your diving qualification. If you have a deep spec to say 40m, you have a buddy of equal level and can show your insurance allows you to dive to this depth, then CDWS allows diving to 40m. Technical diving has different rules.

Generally 60 mins and this is so we can account for all divers.

Dive Pro Academy is very environmentally aware and asks that you refrain from taking knives or gloves diving. Do not touch, ride, feed, catch or harass anything you find underwater. Do not come back on the boat with less than 40bar in your tank, ascend or descend very close to the reef or ascend or descend down the mooring line. No solo diving, no decompression diving (unless on tech), use good buoyancy control when using cameras. And that means we all have a great dive!


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